Tips on Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

You probably thought that a balanced diet is all that you need to stay healthy. Well, this is just one of the basics and there is so much to it. Even with the Mediterranean diet recipes at hand, you will need a Mediterranean diet meal plan to guide you on the quantities and portions to encourage low calorie count. Meal plans vary depending on the calorie count, the number of days, as well as the effort required to meet the requirements of the plan.

Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

Even when you are working around a Mediterranean diet meal plan, ensure that you can regulate it to avoid cases of starvation, or overfeeding. If you are simply looking for a healthy solution, ten your diet meal plan is more open for options. Others adopt this diet for specific reasons such as weight loss, boost their immune system, as well as prevent other diseases and infections.

Breakfast Meal Options

Breakfast options may vary and you can simply make the best of right about any fruit and whole meal grains. Depending on your objectives, the following are options you can explore to create a variance so that you do not get tired of the same meal.

  • Whole grain bread dipped in olive oil or honey
  • Eggs with tomatoes or vegetables
  • Greek yogurt with nuts
  • Cheese and olives
  • Whole grain bread with cheese
  • Fruit salad

Optional is a mid-morning snack which can include a simple fruit such as an apple or orange. Always ensure that it is fresh and mostly go for fruits that are in season. Fleshy and juicy fruits are a better consideration. This is a very good option of Mediterranean diets for weight loss regimen

Lunch Meal Options

Lunch meal options are kind off limiting but they are normally simple to prepare. Many individuals make the assumption that their day is busy to prepare complicated meals.

  • Green salad with spiced chickpea nuts
  • Green salad with pita bread and hummus

You can prepare these differently but ensure that you stick to the recommended Mediterranean diet recipes.

Dinner Meal Options

Dinner meal option plans are normally heavier than the other meals and more satisfying.

  • Fish and other sea food such as tuna, shrimp, clams, salmon, sardines, oysters, trout, and mussels prepared with olive oil and some vegetables.
  • Roast salmon with fennel & couscous
  • Roast pork and cherry tomato
  • Mediterranean tuna spinach salad with whole wheat bread
  • Chicken saltimbocca with steamed broccoli florets
  • Cod with vegetables and couscous (garnish with lemon wedge)

You may have snacks in between but ensure that they are light. You can try a fruit slice or small portions of salads or puddings.

Keep in mind that you can always prepare your meals differently as long as you keep to the foods and drinks acceptable in a Mediterranean diet. You can draft a meal plan different from another. Some may simply plan for a week while others will plan for an entire month. This is simply based on ones principles as well as overall objectives. It is advisable that you try to alternate the meals so that you can encourage change as well as spice up your taste buds.

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