Five Amazing Benefits of High Protein Low Carb Diet

Low Carb Diet
Low Carb Diet

Low carb diet has become one of the popular options for a healthy diet. Humans are blessed with a number diet that is readily beneficial to man’s health.

The growing need for healthy living among man is creating undeniable awareness into diets. This could either by losing weight, gaining weight or by maintaining the required weight.

A high protein low carb diet says a lot about itself in that it entails taking a considerably large amount of proteinous foods and in turn reduce carbohydrate intake to the barest minimum.

One of the most exciting facts about high protein low carb diet is that it helps the body burn unnecessary fats and as a result weight is lost.

Types of high protein low carb diets:

This diet plan isn’t something that has to be new to the body system as it may mostly contain your regular food varieties and favorites. Below are some high protein low carb diets:


This is a highly proteinous food that not only nourishes the body with proteins but also gives a substantial amount of omega-3 and even fatty acids that are essential to the body.


Meats like chicken, pork, turkey and lean meats are great choices of high protein foods.

Nuts and Seeds

Cashew, almonds, and peanuts are examples of low carbohydrates food.  These are rich in fats which also are necessary for your low carb diet.

Five health benefits of high protein low carb diets

  1. Weight loss: Should one of your health goals include weight loss, this diet is one you should consider. When the sugar or carbohydrates needed for energy is reduced or not present, the body then turns to the stored fats in the body for a source of energy.  This in turn brings about weight loss in the body. This process should be monitored by a dietician.
  2. Fight against cancer: The growth rate of cancer cases worldwide is becoming extremely alarming due to unmonitored dietary plans. Research on cancer study gave reports that a diet with a high protein low carbohydrates nutritional plan does not only assist in weight loss but also inhibits the growth and initiation of cancer.
  3. Diabetes Management: Another important health benefit high protein low carb diet has shown through studies is that it improves glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes and also helps them lose
  4. Reduced risk of cognitive impairment amongst elders: Too much intake of carbohydrates have been known to pose series of high-risk diseases in humans especially elders, one of this health danger is the risk of dementia and high intake of protein reduces this risk.
  5. Reduced hunger perception: Studies carried out by the Journal of the American Dietic Association have shown that a low-carb and high-protein diet increases cognitive eating restraint and also lowers the perception of A process which aids weight loss and also helps to maintain the sugar level in the body.

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